Terms and Conditions:

These “Terms And Conditions” Are The Terms And Conditions Under Which You May Accept The Pctechnicians247™ Technical Support Services. By Proceeding To Use The Pctechnicians247 Services You Acknowledge That You Have Read All Of These Terms And Conditions, And Are Agreeing To Be Bound By Them Without Modification And Understand That These Terms And Conditions Shall Constitute A Binding And Enforceable Agreement Between You And Pctechnicians247. If You Do Not Agree To These Terms And Conditions Without Modification, Please Do Not Proceed, Cease Any Use Of The Pctechnicians247 Services And You Will Receive A Full Refund.

Service Description And Scope Of Support

Pctechnicians247 Technical Support Services Are Intended To Address Software And Computer Related Issues Including: (A) Evaluation Of And Attempts To Correct Software, Operating Systems And Networking Issues; (B) Configuration Troubleshooting; (C) Virus/Spyware Troubleshooting; And (D) Troubleshooting Of Software And Peripherals Support For Network, Video And Sound Cards, Memory, Hard Drives, Cd/Dvd Reader/Writers, Printers, Scanners And Networking Equipment. All Pctechnicians247 Services Are Offered In English Only.

Pctechnicians247 Technicians May Use Electronic And Software Tools They Deem Necessary To Repair Your Computer, Such As Remote Access To Your Computer. Pctechnicians247 May Install Software On Your Computer That Allows You To Obtain Additional Technology Services. For Software Installations, Pctechnicians247 Technicians May Accept End User License Agreements On Your Behalf.

Pctechnicians247 Services Are For Problem-Specific Troubleshooting And Problem Resolution, And Excludes: I) Computer Programming; Ii) Software Development; Iii) Training On Hardware Or Software Use. Iv) Warranty Repairs Or Product Replacement; V) Support For Windows 95 And Earlier Versions Of Windows; Vi) Support For Apple (Mac) Operating Systems Earlier Than Mac Os X. Pctechnicians247 Services Do Not Support All Software, Hardware Or Internet-Related Products, Applications Or Features And Pctechnicians247 Reserves The Right To Defer Support Issues To Your Equipment Or Software Vendor.

Use Of The Pctechnicians247 Services Does Not Constitute A License To Use The Software, Applications Or Equipment Being Supported, Or An Upgrade Thereto. You Are Responsible For Obtaining Any Necessary Licenses To Use Your Software And Applications (Irrespective Of Whether A Pctechnicians247 Technician Accepts An End-User License Agreement On Your Behalf).

A Pctechnicians247 Technician Must Receive Full Access To The Product(S) To Be Serviced. Pctechnicians247 May Refrain From Providing Any Services On The Basis That The Minimum System Requirements Are Not Met Or The Technical Needs Or Other Requirements Are Unusual Or Extensive As Reasonably Determined By Pctechnicians247. In Some Cases, Pctechnicians247 Technicians May Not Be Able To Diagnose Or Resolve A Problem Because Of Complications Relating To Your Computer Or Its Configuration. Pctechnicians247 Reserves The Right To Refuse To Troubleshoot Software Not On Its List Of Supported Products. All Pctechnicians247 Services Are Offered As “Best Efforts” Services And Without Warranty Except As Specifically Set Forth In This Agreement. You Understand And Agree That Technical Problems May Be The Result Of Software Or Hardware Errors Not Yet Resolved By The Product Manufacturer, And That Pctechnicians247 Technicians May Not Have The Ability To Obtain The Information Necessary To Resolve A Specific Technical Problem.

Pctechnicians247 Technicians Or Pctechnicians247 Website May Direct You To Third-Party Software Or Hardware Vendors, Websites, Or Other Resources Of Potential Interest. Pctechnicians247 Does Not Endorse Or Control Such Third Party Resources And Cannot Verify The Accuracy And Quality Of The Information And Products Provided By Such Third Parties. Pctechnicians247 Makes No Representation Or Warranties Concerning Such Third Party Websites Or Resources And Is Not Responsible For The Content Or Operation Of Such Third Party Websites Or Resources, And Shall Have No Liability In Connection With Them.

Your Responsibilities

In Order To Receive Pctechnicians247 Technical Support Services, You Must Have:
(A) Full Access (Including Any Required Licenses) To The Hardware And/Or Software That Is Related To The Software Or Hardware Problem; And

(B) Completed A Back-Up Of Any Data, Software, Information Or Other Files Stored On Your Computer Disks And/Or Drives That May Be Impacted.

Pctechnicians247 Is Not Responsible For Any Loss, Corruption Or Alteration Of Data, Software Or Files That May Result From Pctechnicians247 Services Or The Acts Of Pctechnicians247 Technicians. You Are Solely Responsible For Any And All Restoration And Reconstruction Of Lost Or Altered Files, Data, Or Programs.

You Are Responsible For Ensuring That Any Information Or Data Disclosed To Pctechnicians247 Technicians Is Not Confidential Or Proprietary To You Or Any Third Party.

You Hereby Grant Pctechnicians247 Technicians Permission To View, Access And Modify Your Computer, Computer (Including Registry) Settings And Any Related Software Or Peripheral Equipment, Including All Data, Hardware And Software Components, In Order To Perform Pctechnicians247 Services. You Acknowledge And Agree That You Are The Owner Or Authorized User Of Any Hardware Or Software About Which You Are Contacting Pctechnicians247 Technical Services.

You Agree To Cooperate With And Follow Instructions Provided By Pctechnicians247 Technicians And Acknowledge That Such Cooperation By You Is Essential To Pctechnicians247 Delivery Of Services To You.

Purchase Terms

Pctechnicians247 Services Can Be Purchased Either: (A) For An Unlimited Number Of Problems For A Term Beginning On The Date You Order Pctechnicians247 And Continuing For The Duration Of The Plan You Selected (“Term Plan”); Or (B) On A Per-Problem Basis (The “Per-Problem Plan”). With Respect To The Per-Problem Plan, Pctechnicians247 Technicians, In Their Sole Discretion Will Determine What Constitutes A Problem. Pctechnicians247 Technicians Will Address A Problem Which May Include, Follow-Up Telephone Calls Regarding The Problem That Pctechnicians247, In Its Sole Discretion, Deems Reasonable And Necessary In Attempting To Resolve The Problem. Once The Problem Has Been Resolved By Pctechnicians247 Technicians, Any Further Calls Or Requests For Assistance Will Be Considered A New Problem And Additional Fees Will Apply. Unless Any Term Plan Or Renewal Term Plan (As Defined Below) Is Terminated Earlier In Accordance With These Terms And Conditions, After The Expiration Of Any Term Plan Or Renewal Term Plan, You Agree That Your Subscription To Pctechnicians247 Services Shall Be Automatically Extended For Consecutive Monthly One-Month Periods (“Renewal Term Plan”). You Hereby Authorize Pctechnicians247 To Directly Charge Your Credit Or Debit Card For Such Monthly Renewal Term Plan(S) At Pctechnicians247 Then Published Monthly Renewal Rates Unless You Provide Written Notice To Pctechnicians247 At Least Ten (10) Business Days Prior To The Expiration Of Any Then Current Term Plan Or Renewal Term Plan That You Elect Not To Renew Your Subscription Or Then Current Term Plan Or Renewal Term Plan. You Also Agree To Provide Pctechnicians247 With Current, Complete, And Accurate Information For Your Billing Account And Will Promptly Notify Pctechnicians247 If There Is Any Change In Your Billing Address And, Where You Have Paid By Credit Card, You Will Promptly Notify Pctechnicians247 If There Is Any Change To Your Credit Card Number, Or Credit Card Expiration Date Or If Your Credit Card Has Been Cancelled.

If You Purchase Pctechnicians247 Services Under A Term Plan And Your Services (I.E., Subscription To Pctechnicians247 Services) Are Terminated By You (Or By Pctechnicians247 If You Breach This Agreement) Before Completing Your Term, Then, Upon Termination Of Your Services, You Agree That You Will Receive The Lesser Of A Pro-Rated Refund Based On The Number Of Months Remaining In Your Term Or 75% Of The Amount Paid For The Entire Term. A Problem Will Be Considered Resolved When You Receive One Of The Following: (A) Information Or Advice That Resolves The Problem; (B) Information On How To Obtain A Software Solution That Will Resolve The Problem; (C) Notice That The Problem Is Caused By A Known, Unresolved Issue Or An Incompatibility Issue; (D) Information That The Problem Can Be Resolved By Upgrading To A Newer Release Of A Product; (E) Notice That The Problem Has Been Identified As A Hardware Equipment Issue; Or If (F) You Cannot, Or Elect Not To, Pursue The Course Of Action We Recommend.

Our Advice To You May Include Steps That You Will Need To Take Before The Problem Can Be Resolved, Such As Buying Cables Or Cords, Acquiring Software, Etc. And We Will Keep Your Service Request Open For Future Reference When You Are Ready To Resume The Process.

Representations And Warranties

(A) Limitation Of Liability: To The Extent Permitted By Law, You Agree That Pctechnicians247 Aggregate Total Liability To You For Damages Related To Your Use Or Pctechnicians247 Provision Of Its Technical Support Services Is Limited To The Total Amount Of Money That You Pay For Such Services. Under No Circumstances, Including Gross Negligence, Will Pctechnicians247, Its Subsidiaries, Affiliates, Officers, Directors, Advisors, Licensors, And Contractors Be Liable For Any Direct, Indirect, Special, Incidental, Consequential, Punitive Or Other Money Damages That Relate To Or Arise Out Of Your Use Of The Pctechnicians247 Services Or These Terms And Conditions, Including But Not Limited To Damages For Lost Profits, Loss Of Or Damage To Data, Deletion Of Files Or Electronic Mail, Errors, Defects, Viruses, Or Other Damaging Code, Permanent Or Temporary Loss Of Use Of Equipment Or Facilities, Interruption Of Business, Or Any Failure Of Performance, Whether Or Not Pctechnicians247 Technicians Have Been Advised Of The Possibility Of Such Damages, And Whether Or Not Resulting From Acts Of God, Communications Failure, Theft Or Destruction.

(B) Disclaimer Of Warranties: Pctechnicians247 Cannot Guarantee That The Provision Of Pctechnicians247 Technical Support Services Will Resolve Your Issues Or Problems. Pctechnicians247 Warrants That It Will Make Reasonable Efforts To Perform Pctechnicians247 Technical Support Services In A Professional Manner. To The Extent Permitted By Law, Pctechnicians247 Expressly Disclaims All Other Warranties Of Any Kind Arising From Or Relating To Pctechnicians247 Services, These Terms And Conditions, Any Recommendation Of Pctechnicians247 Technicians, Or Any Product, Service, Information Or Other Material Obtained Via The Pctechnicians247 Services, Whether Express Or Implied, Including But Not Limited To, The Implied Warranties Of Merchantability, Fitness For A Particular Purpose And Non-Infringement. Pctechnicians247 Makes No Warranty That (I) The Information Obtained Via The Pctechnicians247 Services Will Be Accurate Or Reliable; Or (Ii) The Quality Of Any Products, Services, Information, Or Other Material Purchased Or Obtained By You Through The Pctechnicians247 Services Or Website Will Meet Your Expectations. You Are Solely Responsible For Any Damages To Your Computer System Or Loss Of Data Resulting From Using The Pctechnicians247 Services.

(C) Exclusions And Limitations: Some Jurisdictions Do Not Allow The Exclusion Of Certain Warranties Or The Limitation Or Exclusion Of Liability For Incidental Or Consequential Damages. Accordingly, Some Of The Above Limitations May Not Apply To You. In Any Event, The Foregoing Limitations Of The Above Paragraph Shall Apply To The Greatest Extent Permitted By Law.

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